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In addition to the solutions provided by JordanAMCO through manufacturing and producing precision parts, the company also provide services for all industrial sectors through :


Training Centre

JordanAMCO is a firm believes in fostering the development of human resources and capabilities as part of our ongoing progress.

Jordan Advanced Machining Company invests in professional development and training through the Human Resources division. The division aims at refining and upgrading the skills and qualifications of its staff
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Maintenance- Refurbishing M60 Cylinders

The refurbishing process starts with machine work to clean the inside of the old M60 cylinder, and to continue with planting the new sleeve inside it, in order to produce a whole new M60 cylinder.
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Quality Control department services

Recognizing the need for constant process and product quality, the independent Quality Control Department applies strict quality controls on products and on all stages of the production process.The Quality Control Department performs the following inspections:
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